Whether you’re about to take the leap with your first ever website or you need to upgrade an existing one, if you’re thinking of buying a website this guide will help you: 


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  • The Foundations – VERY important choices you need to make before you even think about spending any money. This section alone can save you thousands of pounds. 
  • Your Website –  Good content is vital to website success. This section focuses on your responsibilities, keywords, on-page SEO and best practices. If you think your web developer will do this as standard practice then you definitely need to read this!
  • Web Hosting Before you choose a web developer you need to know what sort of hosting best suits your website and business needs. This is crucial to ensure your website runs smoothly. 
  • Questions for Web Developers – These are important questions that you should ask web developers before making any decision going forward. Take these questions with you to meetings, makes notes of their answers and then refer back to this guide to see if they are the right developer for you. Before agreeing to a new website send an email with their answers to all the questions and ask them to check that you have understood correctly and send corrections to anything that you have mis-interpreted. Ensure they respond in writing via email. Keep the email safe in case you need to refer back to it at any point. 

Are you baffled by all things web?

Easy to follow, down to earth, explanations of everything you need to know before spending money on a website.

Shed loads of useful hints and tips, specific questions to ask web developers and how to spot potential warning signs.

Not Sure If You Need A Website?

We have a guide for you – Do You REALLY Need a Website? It’s perfect for new and fledgling businesses.

If you’re considering starting a business then the chances are that you have an endless ‘to do’ list and one of the major jobs is to get yourself a shiny new website. These days it is assumed, without even a second thought, that a website is an absolute necessity for all new businesses, in fact, for any business at all.

But, do you really need a website? 

This guide provides genuine, practical website advice, without waffle, from experts with over 15 years experience working with websites, including over 10 years running a successful web development and digital consultancy business.

Our website advice can save you thousands.