Digital marketing and SEO is the science behind getting your website ranked well in search engines.

We work closely with clients and get to know your business and potential customer bases, before planning a digital marketing campaign taking into account your budget.

The Importance of Content & Keyword Research

Focusing on web content and ensuring your website is search engine friendly is the first, and most important, step. By crafting content so that each web page is excellent for SEO purposes and by ensuring the site can be found easily is the biggest battle.

To do this successfully involves more than just being a good wordsmith. Thorough keyword research must be undertaken (and understood) in order to ensure that each page is targeting the desired audience.

Until I’ve written our own guide to keyword research this article provides a good over view of how keyword research should be done

In many cases, for SME businesses, well written content with solid keyword research can negate the need for any further digital marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a common method of marketing businesses and can be extremely successful but a deep understanding of your customers is needed in order to establish how successful this will be on a case by case basis.

For example, although Swell Pixel has social media accounts and we may occasionally post or update information, it isn’t important for us to spend a lot of time or resources on these as our clients find our website directly or come to us through word of mouth.

Social media marketing can be done in-house at low (or perhaps no) cost but some companies spend many thousands per month on social media advertising that allows them to target specific audiences and can provide excellent ROI.

Analysis & Reports

All digital marketing campaigns that we undertake are backed up by detailed reports showing results and suggestions of how to improve results.

Our online marketing and SEO work is bespoke to each client and we can provide a detailed report of your current online presence with recommendations before you decide on a course of action. This report would be fully bespoke and not a generic print off that many other companies offer.