You Will Be In Good Company

There are over 65 Million WordPress sites live and over 27% of all new websites are powered by WordPress.

Some of the business giants that also choose WordPress are Top Gear, Ford, Sony, Wall Street Journal and even Downing Street

It’s an Open Source Platform

What this means is that it is a free resource developers can lever to build your site. This means that you are only paying for the design, configuration and custom features of your site.

You are not paying for hundreds of hours of development for a bespoke content management system that may or may not have been thoroughly tested.

A further advantage of it being open source is that should the worst happen and your web company disappears, overcharges or you simply don’t get along, finding other developers to pick up where they left off won’t be a problem.

Google Loves WordPress

It’s essential your potential customers find you online. WordPress is very Search Engine Friendly and well optimised straight ‘out of the box.’ Google’s own top boss’ recommends WordPress as “a great choice”.

Unlimited Growth

Your site can grow with you – there is no limit to the growth of your website it will be there supporting and assisting your business as it expands and develops. Incredible flexibility that will allow the addition/ removal of features (eg galleries, e-commerce, social media feeds, blogs) quickly and easily. It will also allow the look and feel of your website to be changed with ease.

User Friendly

The CMS (content management system) of WordPress is very user-friendly. Many businesses want to be able to add and edit their own content and the WordPress admin panel makes this as easy as possible.

I’ve worked with numerous systems including Kentico, Joomla, Drupal and ‘build your own’ systems such as Wix and Square Space and without a doubt WordPress is the most user friendly and intuitive of all.